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Top Harvest NPK 29-9-9+TE

Full of essential nutrients, TOP HARVEST® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food instantly feeds vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants to grow bigger and more beautiful than unfed plants. Simply feed them every 1-2 weeks. The formula is safe for all plants and is guaranteed not to burn when used as directed. Get great results with TOP HARVEST®. TOP HARVEST® increases yield and quality of your crops and is compatible with most pesticides and plant protectants.


Avocado, Cabbage; Carrot, Cashew, Cauliflower, Citrus, Garden Eggs, Lettuce, Mango, Okra, Pepper, Red Orchids, Roses, Tomatoes, Watermelon.


TOP HARVEST 29-9-9+ TE may be used on other crops like beans, maize, etc.

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