This is us - the team behind Porta Consultancy Limited. If you want people who truly care about the success of your business as much as you do, then you've come to the right place. Everything we undertake is guided, and consistent, with our mission to provide the highest quality of goods and services, along with business integrity, in order to be your preferred partner. 

The passion we put into our work translates into a positive working relationship that reflects the true secret to our success: we don't rest until you get exactly what you want. 


With over 30 years combined experience, we deliver consistently.

Let's build something beautiful together. 


Simaloi Mensa


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Simaloi Mensa, a Kenyan national, is the CMO of Porta Consultancy Limited. A forward-thinking, creative individual, she’s constantly looking into new, innovative ways to do things and is confident going into new territory. She leads the company’s digital marketing, advertising, communications, brand, market research & growth initiatives. Simaloi is described by those who meet her as an outgoing, pleasant individual to work with. Having worked in the photography industry for several years prior to joining PCL, Simaloi understands the value of creating attention grabbing imagery that speaks volumes, relays importance, conveys intimacy and lends credibility to brands. Translating her photography skills into personal branding for websites and companies, clients understand the worth of PCL service offering.

James Muchene


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Mr. Muchene, a Kenyan national, is the founder and CEO of Porta Consultancy Ltd. The company is an umbrella company for four companies operating in four sectors. He is a dedicated visionary who is task-focused and decisive. Mr. Muchene is described by those who work with him as tenacious, disciplined and honourable. He has developed soft and hard skills from travelling widely and working in multicultural and diverse settings in New York and Aberdeen, Scotland. When faced with challenges, he maintains integrity and accountability; he is always prepared to go the extra mile. Mr. Muchene holds a MA in Economics and Management Studies from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 


John Ogutu


Mr Ogutu, a Kenyan national, is a partner at Risen Star Advisory. He is a qualified accountant with a CPA (K) qualification and is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. He has over five years experience in providing tax services to a wide range of multinational clientele in East and Central Africa. Mr Ogutu has extensive experience in transfer pricing, Corporation Tax, PAYE, tax efficient corporate re-structures and employee compensation and structuring. He has worked with Afrek & Associates, The Tamarind Group Limited, Kenya Nuts Limited, Taxwise Consultants and Mbaya and Associates.


Rob Shortell, Ph.D


Dr. Shortell joined the green industry 25 years ago with a passion for crop management and applied agronomy.  Since then he has specialized in a variety of agriculturally related fields earning a Master's degree in weed science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in grass breeding and genetics from the prestigious Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA; with emphasis on the physiological management of environmental stress.  


Dr. Shortell's enthusiasm has brought him to diverse agricultural production centers across the globe spanning most agronomic and horticultural crops, where he absorbs information and teaches students and farmers how to solve their problems and increase yield and profitability across adverse agronomic and market environments.  


Dr. Shortell is committed to preparing the agriculture industry to meet the food demands for our rapidly increasing world population using knowledge and experience to increase crop yield and production efficiency, to manage the environment and maximize our partners' profitability.


Next to his innovative influence within the broad fields of his scientific expertise, Dr. Shortell is a visionary open minded resource of inspiration and motivation for his teams, partners and people in the industry. Dr. Shortell's capacity to match and connect domains of specialty, talent and industries within a future-driven perspective has paved roads and bridges to a new entrepreneurial biotope in agriculture and agriculture-related industries.


Emmanuel K. Anim


Emmanuel K. Anim decided to pursue his passion for agricultural science in 2002. Since then, he has earned several degrees, certifications and training in PMP (Project Management Professional), tropical agricultural practices, agronomic techniques, product development and extension to increase farm output with an emphasis on the successful and profitable implementation of knowledge & technology into local farming communities, where it matters most.

On his mission to help farmers and feed Africa, Emmanuel is a lifelong student and has naturally become an expert in Tropical Crop Production, Cocoa Physiology, Rice Agronomy, Nutrient and Hormone Management and Farm business & Marketing. Emmanuel selflessly spends his time teaching and coaching his farmer and dealer partners wherever he goes so they can become better at what they do.


Karl Svensson


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Karl has a strong belief in the humanitarian right to clean drinking water and the enormous economic benefit it can have on communities. As an advocate in the essence of education for prosperity, he is certain that safe drinking water can single-handedly have the biggest impact in this regard. The economic benefit to a community is not only shown through increased education levels but also in the strengthening of the workforce. With his experience in varying industries including areas of water filtration and purification Karl’s drive has always been to find simple solutions for complex challenges. Having worked with different types of products and different global manufacturers, and through his relentless research Karl has identified the LifeSaver C1 the most impactful, cost-effective and simple solution to solving issues related to waterborne disease.