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Unlike the majority of consumers, our passion lies in the container, rather than the content. Our mission is to enable you, our customers, to have the best quality, environmentally responsible, durable & aesthetic packaging for your products. 

Biodegradable_Laminate_Pouches_Vitapak Industries, Nairobi_Kenya

VP Bioadd

Porta Consultancy Ltd_Vitapak Industries

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Vitapak Ind. is helping converters to enhance the biodegradable properties of their plastic films with the revolutionary bioadditive "VP Bioadd". As tested by Intertek Laboratories, plastic films produced with VP Bioadd biodegrade in accordance to the conditions forth in International Standards - ISO 15985 / ASTM D5511.

self-adhesive-labels-custom-roll-labels-sticker-labels-packaging-labels_Vitapak Industries_Nairobi_Kenya


Self-adhesive labels, also known as "Product Labels" or "Sticky Labels", can come in roll or sheet form, in any colour, shape and size, depending on your particular applications.

The materials chosen for each label are carefully selected to ensure they work best in their intended industry (Floriculture, Horticulture, Thermal Labels, Food & Beverage, Logistics & Warehouse)  and give maximum performance in each environment. 

Our durable & high quality labelling products are designed and manufactured by experienced industry technicians, ensuring the best quality every time.

Custom-Printing-Laminated-Stand-up-Ziplo bags_Vitapak Industries_Nairobi_Kenya

Laminate Pouches

Sealed from all sides in order to preserve your packed items from water & moisture, these pouches are capable of withstanding varying temperatures and are tamper & waterproof, making them a preferred choice for food packaging. 

Eco-Friendly-Kraft-Paper-Bag-Gift-Bag_Vitapak Industries_Nairobi_Kenya
luxury-black-paper-bags-with-ribbon-hand_Vitapak Indutries_Nairobi_Kenya
ropehandlebag-black-matt-16x12x8-000_Vitapak Industries_Nairobi_Kenya

Gift Bags

Coming in either plain brown 100% recyclable and decomposable paper bags with twisted handles, or laminated bags in any colour of your choice and branded with your company logo, our gift bags are the perfect choice for your companies promotional items and can be reused many times over, showcasing your brand time and time again.

Corrugated Packaging_Vitapak Industries_Nairobi_Kenya

Laminated Die-cut Boxes & Die-cut Cases

More environmentally friendly than plastic packaging, these boxes are ideal for consumer-ready products requiring more protection. They offer an extremely high quality appearance and great durability that protect your products in any situation, whether it is frozen or dry. The special designs that we create ensure excellent ventilation with high-quality printing and are all custom-made. 

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