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What if the end result of plastic packaging could be organic matter??

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years to degrade

Plastics take about


ends up in landfills

in Kenya


of waste

...Making it a huge

threat to marine life,

rivers, soils.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Vitapak Industries is helping converters to enhance the biodegradable properties of their plastic films with the revolutionary bioadditive VP Bioadd. As tested by Intertek Laboratories, plastic films produced with VP Bioadd biodegrade in accordance to the conditions set forth in International Standards - ISO 15995/ASTM D5511. 

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Plastics made with VP Bioadd:

  • Offer a 2 year shelf-life.

  • Can be made with recycled resins.

  • Do not require heat, light or mechanical stress to break them down.

  • Do not require special handling (unlike PLA and oxo-degradable products).

  • Do not contain heavy metals (unlike most oxo-degradable products).

  • Biodegrade in any biologically-active environment where other materials are biodegrading.

  • Biodegrade when disposed off in a biodegrading environment, either anaerobically or aerobically:

             - In landfills.

             - In compost (backyard compost                     or commercial facilities).

             - If buried or littered in the                               ground.

             - In agricultural and erosion-                            control settings.

By adding 1% of VP Bioadd into the regular LDPE + LLDPE mix, plastic films take on enhanced biodegradable properties - enabling them to biodegrade upon disposal into organic matter within approximately 24 months after a two-year shelf-life.


Contact us today for a seamless switch to the sustainable option...

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Vitapak Industries Biodegradable Packaging
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